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Step into the next era of digital interaction. Revolutionize your media experience and harness the power of smart, intuitive conversations. Welcome to That Future — streamlined, engaging, and tailored just for you

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  • AI Media Conversations revolutionizes digital interaction, enabling interactive conversations across various media types, including YouTube videos, audio files, text documents and links. Experience enhanced media engagement.

  • Interactive Video and Audio Chats

    Immerse yourself in AI-powered chats for videos and audio. Analyze content, ask questions, and gain insights in real-time, making media interactions more engaging and informative.

  • Smart Document Conversations

    Interact with text-based documents like never before. Use to converse with PDFs, Text, Json, CSV, DOCX, and PPTX files, extracting essential information or discussing content as if you`re talking to an expert.

  • Tailored Content Understanding is adept at recognizing the subtleties of various media. It tailors responses to analyze video tones, document contexts, or key audio points, enhancing your media interaction.

Pricing Plans


Save $30



This tier caters to beginners who desire more than just the basics. It includes all the premium elements like enhanced media sharing, greater access to YouTube content, and improved AI interactions.


Save $45



Unleash the full potential with our Pro tier. Building upon the Spark tier, the Pro level elevates your chatting experience to the professional realm. It offers advanced features, fewer restrictions and elevated permissions.

Pay as You Go

Experience the ultimate in functionality with our comprehensive plan, which combines the best of both Spark and Pro plans. Enjoy access to our most advanced features at the highest possible limits. Each task or query you perform is seamlessly managed within your balance, reflecting its value in cost efficiency and performance.

Access to all features included in the Pro tier.

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